«I checked the blood sugar. And you?»
Diabetes is one of the most dangerous challenges to the health and well-being of mankind, not recognizing geographical and political boundaries. According to experts, the total number of people with diabetes can reach half a billion people in a short time. But the most tragic conclusion of scientists - half of these people do not even suspect about their serious illness.
One way to stop the epidemic is to increase the detection of diabetes at an early stage by checking blood for sugar.
Graphic dominant and connecting link of the antidiabetic photo project - Blue circle - the international symbol of association against diabetes, approved by the UN.
The project brought together famous people and medical experts, each of whom in an interview format shares an opinion on the problem of diabetes.
The project was first shown on March 1, 2017 in the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Serge Golovach © 2016-2017
Svetlana Zhurova, Olympic champion, deputy of the State Duma
«Today we united under the blue circle - a symbol of the fight against diabetes - to attract the attention of Russians to the problem. Think about yourself, think about your loved ones, do not let the disease develop. Regularly check the blood for sugar - the only way to find the problem in time. A person's diabetes mellitus limits from so many things that he could afford earlier. Join us and check your blood sugar. It's so easy - just come and give blood. We did it! And you?» Serge Golovach © 2017
Anton Belyaev, musician, producer, composer, leader Therr Maitz
«Every fourth citizen of Russia has a risk of developing diabetes or is already sick. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of the development of cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, blindness and amputation of the lower limbs. In adults with diabetes, the risk of developing a stroke and heart attack is two to three times higher. To protect yourself and your loved ones from complications of diabetes, it is enough to regularly check the blood sugar level. So I decided to support the project and checked blood sugar. And you?» Serge Golovach © 2016
Maria Kiseleva, Russian synchronist, three-time Olympic champion
«The danger of diabetes is that at first it does not manifest itself in any way. But the higher the sugar level in your blood, the more dangerous it is for your life. Check, learn and timely prevent this problem. Modern medicine allows patients with diabetes to live a full life. Just need to know about your disease in time. If you are overweight, you are already at risk. Control yourself. Go in for sports, physical education. Do not forget about proper nutrition. Your body will thank you.» Serge Golovach © 2016
Konstantin Tszyu, boxer, three-time champion of the USSR, two-time European champion, absolute world champion among professionals
«Every 7 seconds one person dies from the consequences of diabetes, every 5 seconds puts such a diagnosis to a new patient. Terrible statistics. Serious threat. Therefore, we all came together to help stop the diabetes epidemic. The blue circle is a symbol of the fight against diabetes, it's like a lifeline for millions of people, which will help us fight together. How to prevent the disease? When you are driving, no matter how trite it sounds, a healthy lifestyle, when you eat right, sleep fully, exercise, no diabetes mellitus steals. Watch your health and check blood regularly for sugar.» Serge Golovach © 2016
Irina Pegova, actress of theater and cinema, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
«My grandmother has been suffering from diabetes for many years. And, oddly enough, I even envy her, because she is 86 years so follows her health, eats properly, makes herself move a lot, and anyone can take an example from her. The most terrible thing in this disease is that the illness does not last long. There is only one way to detect diabetes in time - to donate blood to sugar. I checked the blood sugar and from my heart I urge everyone to follow my example.» Serge Golovach © 2016
Andrei Sviridov, theater and cinema actor
«We live at a time when we do not have enough time. We hurry, but we do not have time. To all have time to take care of our dear and dear people, we need strength and health. Let's take care of ourselves! Diabetes mellitus is such a misfortune, which you can not know for a long time, until you check the blood for sugar. And the faster this is done, the faster you can smile or start solving the problem. Love yourself, love your loved ones, value yourself, value your loved ones and know: to take care of others, you need to take care of yourself.» Serge Golovach © 2016
Olga Ushakova, TV host
«Any disease is easier to prevent than treat. Prevention of diabetes - a healthy lifestyle. In my family we try to move as much as possible. It is not necessary to buy an expensive subscription to a fitness club to stay healthy and active. Give up the elevator - go home on the stairs. Walk 1-2 stops on foot, if possible, prefer walking by car. Stay active. Stay healthy!» Serge Golovach © 2016
Evgeny Satanovsky, political scientist, President of the Institute of the Middle East
«We all live in a rhythm that is very different from how people lived many years ago. And we do not have time to do what we need to do - our health. I had no idea that I had diabetes until then, thanks to friends, did not go to the examination and found out that I have blood sugar more than 20. I was very surprised, I did not know at all that I could do something like this be. Watch blood sugar, because it is insulting when a person, because of his own laziness, allows serious complications and brings his end closer.» Serge Golovach © 2016
Elena Suprun, fashion designer
«The problem of diabetes is close to me. My own aunt survived the blockade, health was undermined, diabetes developed. My aunt watched her health, as far as it was possible at that time, eaten right, walked a lot. Thanks to this, she lived to 84 years. Your health depends on you, my dear. Only you can prevent the development of a terrible disease called "diabetes" in yourself and your loved ones.» Serge Golovach © 2016
Marina Shestakova, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
«Diabetes is an epidemic that has engulfed the entire planet. The disease does not spare either the rich or the poor. Today, every 11th inhabitant of the globe suffers from diabetes. Over a year, more people die from complications of diabetes than from HIV, tuberculosis and malaria combined. After 45 years, every person must check blood sugar, especially if there are other risk factors, such as overweight. Do not be afraid. Today, medicine can successfully deal with diabetes, moreover, one can even achieve a remission of diabetes if it is time to detect the disease and begin to lead a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, today in Russia there are all the most modern medicines with which you can manage your disease.» Serge Golovach © 2016
«I checked the blood sugar. And you?»
The antidiabetic photo project&. The project was first shown on March 1, 2017 in the Russian Academy of Sciences. Serge Golovach © 2016-2017